Volunteer Management

Doing Good Never Felt so Great

Boost employee engagement through volunteering, all within our easy, automated software solution.

Forget Those Long Lines

Streamline volunteer events with DX's automation and cloud based data storage features! Employees can sign up for volunteer activities online and track their hours digitally.

Listen to Your Team with DX

Have you ever struggled finding events that your employees actually want to participate in? Never feel that again by letting your employees tell you exactly the kind of event they would love.

Allow anyone on your team to create a volunteer event that you vet and push out to the entire group. You'll be surprised how much more people engage when they have a say in how they give back!

Participation Tracking & Incentive Gifts

Participants can log volunteer hours online through personalized ePortals. You can even offer incentives, such as Goodness Tokens or points toward their Dollars for Doers program.
When employees feel engaged with their workplace, they are happier and more productive.

Custom Registration Forms

Create custom registration forms for each volunteer event. Easily include waivers and photo releases, track registration and participation, and monitor all your events with an embedded calendar!

Personalized Employee Dashboard

Through the employee dashboard, users can search through upcoming volunteer events in their area. They can select charities of interest and browse future giving opportunities. Perfect for organizations that use Dollars for Doers.


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Accessibility for Applicants

Save and modify any applications or requests before submitting. Reset log-in information and passwords manually without needing to contact a program administrator.

Form Design

Follow our easy step-by-step processes. Create, edit, and customize online application forms to manage each employee program from start to finish.


All aspects of our software
are completely customizable.
We create it to fit your branding.

Track Submissions

Embed all forms in your website. Users can save their progress to come back and complete later. Users can use the ePoral to track their submission.