Disaster and employee Relief

Be Prepared for Crisis

Unexpected tragedies happen.
With DonationXchange, you can implement disaster and employee relief programs in less than 24 hours!

Global Giving Simplified.

Expand your global impact with DonationXchange's powerful software solutions! Any online form can be translated into another language and donations can be easily converted into a different currency. Flexibility at your fingertips!

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Privacy Feature: Anonymous Donors

Employees can keep their identities private and donate anonymously, if they choose. They can also include their name and wear their donation proudly. All donations are compatible with the ePortal, making it even easier for your team to give.

Fully Customizable.

Create a custom donation page embedded on your own website to showcase your campaign and get more people on board.

Transparent & Simple
Donation Disbursements

Choose how to disburse the funds you raise, including automatic match programs, lump sum payments and more - all with ZERO service fees.

Employee Relief

Relief requests

With DX’s employee relief program, any member of your team can request aid or create a relief fundraiser. Users can upload photos of damaged property and share the details behind each aid request.

Deliver Relief, Fast.

Time matters when your team members are in crisis. With DX, administrators can quickly vet and approve relief requests from any location or device.

Where does it go?

Deposit raised funds directly into an employee's account through payroll (we'll help you set it up!) and set giving levels to better encourage employees to help each other.


Explore All Features
Roles & Permissions

Account administrators can assign tasks, produce progress reports, and fulfill matching gift requests.

Global Giving Programs

DonationXchange fully supports international giving programs and partnerships, including international charity vetting and IRS watch-list verification.

User Accessibility

Save and modify any applications or requests  before submitting. Reset log-ins and passwords manually without needing to contact a program administrator.