Grants Management Software

Grant Management Software
with a Return On Giving

Make an even greater impact with our customizable grant management system.

So Much to Do,
So Little Time

Successful grant management programs have many moving parts and overseeing your entire team's administrative tasks can quickly become overwhelming. There are many responsibilities that come with applying for and awarding grants,  
such as planning, design, program development and tracking. It is far too easy to let one or more of those responsibilities to fall by the wayside, resulting in an inefficient grant program. 
DonationXchange Can Help.

Grant Management
That Saves Time

Online Precheck and Application

Grant application vetting, verification, and submission can all be automated with DonationXchange. Easily build digital pre-check questionnaires that are customized to fit the needs of your grant program. Grant or scholarship applicants are guided through your automated pre-check forms to verify eligibility. Only those users who pass the eligibility quiz can submit an application.

File Upload Capabilities

No more tracking down files across multiple email chains! Users can upload any relevant files to their application. If the downloaded file  gets lost, simply download it again! No more waiting, no more file storage fees.

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Review and track applications across your team

Instead of waiting around in the dark wondering if you received their application, users are able to track their submission in real time through DonationXchange’s corporate giving platform.

Your designated review team members can collectively assess multiple applications in detail, review histories of previously submitted requests, respond with further questions, and save recommendations or comments.

  • Cycle management

    Collect and distribute requests based on whatever grant cycle you use.

  • Follow-Up Tasks

    Automate follow-up impact reports, letters, calls-to-action, and more using our task system. Include other users for verification and accountability.

  • Compliance and Committee Reviews

    Assign requests to outside individuals - freeing them from any logins or other hassles. All external reviewers can evaluate based upon fully customizable criteria.

  • Reporting

    Analyze any or all of your grant history data into reports that you can export in a variety of formats for your convenience. These reports will help analyze the success or failure of the process based on the needs or expectations of  the organization.


Schedule Emails

Create email templates for each part of your campaign. 


DX will customize your grants page to fit your branding

Accessibility for Applicants

Save and modify any applications or requests  before submitting. Reset log-in information and passwords manually without needing to contact a program administrator.


Designate reviewers to check, rate, comment, and move the application forward to the next stage