In-Kind Giving
Management Software

Easy as 1, 2, 3...

DonationXchange transforms item donation management and giving routines by placing the entire process online.  Embed a customized item donation request form on your website, where organizations can submit requests into a streamlined, trackable system.  Save yourself the headache of keeping track of your in-kind giving items. Our tools allows you to expertly manage your in-kind giving and item donation requests .

Why have an in-kind giving platform?

Managing the volume and diversity of in-kind donation requests can be a logistical nightmare and take up large amounts of staff time.
Without a process in place, you may end up unexpectedly running out of inventory, or even lose track of what has been (or still needs to be) shipped. DonationXchange is here to make your giving process easier and more effective!

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Place your entire in-kind giving process online. Users can request items through customized forms and track their submissions in real-time.

Track Inventory and Shipments

Keeping track of inventory in stock is tough. Keeping track of inventory, shipments, and budgets is even harder.  DonationX provides all the tools you need to stay on top of all the moving pieces efficiently.  With DonationX, all of the pieces to your in-kind giving efforts are online. Track inventory. Manage your monthly item budget. Send (personalized) emails to applicants along each step of the donation receiving process. You can even sync with your shipping account to fulfill orders.

Download Custom Reports

Our revolutionary reporting technology will analyze your in-kind giving data into reports that you can export in a variety of formats, for your convenience.

Conveniently track whether you’re hitting targets across various metrics and make sure your team always has the information it needs to get the job done


Inventory Management

Keep track of what you have in stock, what needs to go out, and what items are popular requests.

Digital Certificates

Easily create customized digital certificates that match your branding with barcode or QR code for specific items in your inventory.
To redeem, scan it into your current POS or verify it through our website. 


Through our eCommerce portal, you can even offer items for sale. Customers can select the inventory they want, pay, and then receive shipping information. All payments are made through our secure web-portal and are safely transferred to donor organizations.


Ship items with the DonationX shipping manager. You can easily sync with your UPS or FedEx account, or print USPS shipping labels. Produce shipping letters, letters of authenticity, and shipping reports and even choose to pick up or to pay for shipping.