Matching Gifts

& Dollars for Doers

Donation Matching Simplified.

When you use DonationXchange for your matching gift program, you can give your employees more bang for their buck.

Empower your Team With Choices

Give your employees the opportunity to give to the charity of their choice, or a
company-sponsored charity.

Gift How You Like

Use credit cards, eChecks, or payroll deductions to remit your donations. Employees can also upload a digital receipt or manually input a donation record. With DonationXchange, you can trust that donations will go to the right hands - with ZERO service fees!

Everything in one Place

DonationXchange helps you seamlessly manage every aspect of your Donation Matching programs - all in one place.

Dollars for Doers

Looking for another way to boost employee engagement? Motivate your employees to give more when you use DX
and Dollars for Doers.


Add some fun to your fundraising with goal-based prizes and incentives. DX allows administrators to set up volunteer benchmark requirements for each pre-selected prize.

When an employee reaches a benchmark, they are awarded with a preassigned gift. Through these gifts, employees are able to have fun while giving back to their community.

It’s a win-win-win: your company has a more engaged workforce (win!), your employees get prizes for giving back (win!), and organizations get extra help they may not have had in the first place (win!). 

Go Paperless!

Say goodbye to handwritten volunteer sheets and misplaced paperwork! DX makes your volunteer programs greener and more efficient.

Employees can log their volunteer hours online with DonationXchange. No more piles of paper to process and file. All of your volunteering data is effortlessly stored in our easy-to-use platform.

Want to confirm volunteer hours? No problem! Easily send confirmation requests to charities through DX.


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Track Submissions

Users can access secure ePortals to track form submissions. Users have the ability to save their progress and complete it later.
Accessible from any device!


All aspects of our software are completely customizable. We work closely with your branding standards to ensure that all forms fit seamlessly into your existing website.

Form Design

Follow our easy step-by-step processes. Create, edit, and customize online application forms to manage each employee program from start to finish. 

Roles and Permissions

Account administrators can assign tasks, produce progress reports, and fulfill matching gift requests