Scholarship Management
Scholarship Management Simplified.
Empower our future leaders with our efficient scholarship management solutions.
There are many responsibilities that come along with applying for and awarding scholarships, such as planning, designing, program development, and tracking. Overseeing the duties of an entire team can become overwhelming fast.
Send Invitation Codes
Add invitation codes with expiration dates to ensure students read your rules and criteria and to add a hard deadline on application submissions.
Easy to Use on Any Device
The request form is also optimized for tablets and other personal small computers. This ensures a wider array of students can apply to your scholarships - no matter their platform or available technology.
Student Accounts
Students receive an account where they can view their scholarship application & print the details. They can gauge the status and progress of their request & can provide additional documentation on request.
Customized Letters
Automatic, mail-merged letters provide approval, progress, or declination emails to applicants, directly reflecting your criteria for the award and details for accepting the scholarship itself.
Online Pre-Check and Application
Automated application vetting, verification & submission
With DonationXchange, you choose the application questions that best fit your needs. The eligibility of scholarship applicants will be checked while they are guided through the smart pre-check quiz. These smart quizzes include automated, logic-based progression and the capability to collect relevant documents through file uploads. Those who pass the eligibility quiz can move on and submit their request. Users will fill out your personalized application with their information and what they are requesting.
Upload Files with Ease
Applicants can take their time submitting any forms with our Save and Continue Later feature. They can upload any relevant files, including letters of recommendation, transcripts, essays, and more. No more follow-up emails requesting missing documents; only fully completed applications can be submitted to you.
Keep Your Applicants Informed
Instead of waiting around in the dark wondering if you received their application, users are able to track their submission in real-time through DonationXchange’s scholarship platform. Your designated review team members can collectively assess multiple applications in detail, review histories of previously submitted requests, respond with further questions, and save recommendations or comments.
DonationX customizes your workflow so you can complete the process in the easiest way for your team. Since you can keep all of your relevant giving information in one place with DX, your team will be able to access it whenever they need to.
Product Highlights
Schedule Emails
Create email templates for each part of your campaign.
DX will customize your grants page to fit your branding.
Accessibility for Applicants
Save and modify any applications or requests  before submitting. Reset log-in information and passwords manually without needing to contact a program administrator.
Designate reviewers to check, rate, comment, and move the application forward to the next stage.
So Much To Do,
So Little Time.
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