Sponsorship Management
Sponsor Goodness
Manage applications, awards, and requirements for all of your sponsorships in one place with DonationXchange.
Fully Customizable
Sponsorship Forms
Create customized, embedded sponsorship forms for your website.
Save Time with Pre-Check Quizzes
Ask unique questions (special to your brand) to any sponsorship applicant. Before any direct communication, you will already know the answers to some of the most important questions in sponsorship programs. You no longer have to waste waiting for your questions to be answered! Learn things such as the amount being requested, the purpose of the sponsorship, benefits available (such as logo, signage, advertising, etc.), and even learn the fair market value of the sponsorship. You can even ask about day-of information. Such as dress code, social media coverage, event location, and miscellaneous restrictions. This information will help you with your post-event reporting and analytics.
Pay How You Like
DX can pay out the sponsorship as a default option. Otherwise, you get to choose how you want the sponsorship to be paid. Perhaps you choose between mailing checks or remitting through your accounts payable. DX will tailor your experience to exactly how you want it.
Keep Your Applicants in the Loop
Instead of waiting and worrying about the application's status, users are able to track their submissions in real-time through DonationXchange’s sponsorship platform. Your review team members can collectively assess multiple applications in detail, review histories of previously submitted requests, respond with further questions, and save recommendations and comments. DonationX customizes your workflow so you can complete the process in a way that is easiest for your team. Since you can keep all of your relevant grant information in one place with DX, your team will be able to access it whenever they need to.
Robust Reporting Capabilities
Our revolutionary reporting technology will analyze any or all of your grant history data into reports that you can export in a variety of formats for your convenience. These reports will help analyze the success or failure of the process based on the needs or expectations of the organization.
Product Highlights
Custom Pre-Quizzes
Create custom questionnaires that filter out requests that aren't the right fit.
Track Submissions
Users can save progress, return to finish an application, and check back in on the status of their application.
Form Design
Follow our easy step-by-step processes. Create, edit, and customize online application forms to manage each employee program from start to finish.
Designate reviewers to check, rate, comment, and move the application forward to the next stage.