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  • We believe a philanthropy platform should never take excessive funds away from the ultimate goal.

  • We do not take a cut or processing fee.
  • Know where your gift is making an impact.

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Corporate Giving
In-Kind Giving
Employee Giving

Corporate & Foundation Giving

Corporate and Foundation giving programs allow organizations of all sizes to give back to their community and do ‘good.’  Leverage advanced giving solutions to make your philanthropy even more effective while reducing the administrative burden in managing it.

Corporate & FOUNDATION Giving solutions


Schedule Emails

Create email templates for each part of your campaign.  


DonationXchange is tailored to the way you manage your giving program.

Branded and Elegant Custom Forms

DonationXchange will customize your grants page to fit your branding—the right fonts, colors, and even your logo will help users to have a seamless experience.


Make sure your team is all on the same page with helpful project management tools. Designate reviewers to check, rate, comment, and advance the application to the next stage.

In-Kind Giving

Save yourself the headache of keeping track of in-kind requests and contributions. DonationXchange provides the tools to manage your in-kind giving and item donation requests with ease.

explore in-kinD giving solutions


Inventory Management

Track your inventory in real-time with detailed descriptions of items and easy inventory matrix groupings to make fulfillment easy.

Budget Tracking

Each donor program and proposal can have its own budget. Budgets can also be split across more than one program or proposal. The budget and statistical information is available in real time on the dashboard.


Through our eCommerce portal, you can even offer items for sale. Customers may select the what they want, pay, and then receive shipping information — all achieved automatically in our secure web-portal.

Track Submissions

Embed all forms on your website, where users can save, edit, and track their submissions in the ePortal.

Employee Giving

Employee giving and volunteering are vital to a company's charitable giving efforts.  Learn how to increase your impact and boost employee engagement with DonationXchange groundbreaking technology.

explore employee giving solutions
Employee Giving

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