Donation Management Simplified.

With DonationXchange, businesses, individual donors, and community organizations can migrate to a paperless, secure workflow to manage charity donations, grants, scholarships and more.

Our software minimizes the time, effort, and funds spent on the donation solicitation process and administrative tasks.

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Digital Certificates

We will create customized digital certificates that match your branding. Each certificate is a barcode or QR code meant to represent items in your inventory. To redeem, scan it into your current POS or verify it through our website.


Ship items with the DX shipping manager. Sync with your UPS or FedEx account, or print USPS shipping labels. Produce shipping letters, letters of authenticity, and shipping reports. Choose to pick up or to pay for shipping.


Through our Ecommerce portal, you can offer sale inventory or items to be autographed. Customers can select the inventory they want, pay, and then receive shipping information.
All payments are made through our secure web-portal and are safely transferred to donor organizations.

Inventory Management

Track your inventory in real time. Record items in detail. Create sub-groups of items through an inventory matrix to make fulfillment easy.  

Schedule Emails

Create email templates for all aspects of your campaigns.
Schedule emails for each step along your giving process.

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Track Submissions

Users can access secure ePortals to track form submissions. Users have the ability to save their progress and complete it later. Accessible from any device!

Custom Pre-Quiz

Create custom pre-quizzes to filter out non-qualifying requests.

Form Design

We work closely with your branding standards to ensure that all forms fit seamlessly into your existing website. Each part of our request forms are customizable, including fonts, logos, questions, and more.


Includes standard filters. Filter through types of inventory. Filter through participant demographics. Filter through volunteer opportunities.


All aspects of our software are completely customizable.
We create it to fit your branding.

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Roles & Permissions

Include your entire team on the DonationX platform, using permission based accounts. Delegate users to approval teams, branch locations, and accounting levels.

Accessibility for Applicants

All forms are Google Translate enabled, ensuring anyone can submit a request. Forms are also accessible from any device and text-to-speech compatible.


Each donor program and proposal can have its own budget. Budgets can also be split across more than one program or proposal. Access our analytics dashboard to view budget data in real time!

Global Giving Programs 

Our organization database contains organizations from countries all over the world, opening up boundaries in your giving.


Designate reviewers to check, rate, comment, and move the application forward to the next stage.

✔ Disbursement of Funds:
Disburse funds through ACH Transfer, AP Limited Account Access, or Interface with Corporate AP System.

✔ Mobile Access:
Users may access personal ePortals on their mobile device to easily update and track volunteering and contributions on the go.

✔ NCAA Compliance:
Read and agree to the NCAA Bylaws regarding promotional activities. Communicate with the Compliance Department to verify and track each request.

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