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Helping you give since 2002

DonationXchange (you can call us DX) is a Chicago-based company dedicated to maximizing the potential of your giving programs. Helping our clients make the greatest impact through their Social Responsibility programs is our highest priority.  We strive to create an impact across local and global communities through their “giving back” efforts. The DX team is committed to helping you run the most productive programs, implement the most efficient processes, and create the most worthwhile partnerships between our communities' corporate donors and deserving community programs.

Who are we?

We have been working since 2002 to improve the ways donors and charities connect. The products we offer have continued to expand along with our deepening understanding of our clients’ needs. As technology continues to evolve, it creates new opportunities for us to improve and grow our products. We work to offer the best and easiest ways for donors, charities, foundations, and corporations to engage with each other and establish a valuable relationship. 

118 N Clinton St, Chicago IL 60661
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