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DX Lite is a simple, fast, and free way to
track donation requests online.

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save time (and money)

We created a streamlined version of our premium DonationXchange platform, with both the requester and donor in mind.

Our intuitive form creation tools make it easy to start tracking your donation requests online.

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Our proven form design will ensure organizations provide the most complete information possible.

The new DX.Lite form creator allows you to create your form in minutes - no more waiting for a setup or formal training.

Plus, a DonationX representative is there to help at any time - at no extra charge.

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Track Inventory and Shipments

With DX.Lite, all of the pieces to your in-kind giving efforts are online.
Track inventory. Manage your monthly item budget. Send (personalized) emails to applicants along each step of the donation reviewing process.

Download impactful Reports

We've created several reports using our most helpful metrics, designed to deepen your philanthropic impact. Shipping is a breeze with customized exports for your system.

Get comprehensive graphs and charts, tailored to your group. Your data should be a resource to better your giving - DX.Lite has the tools to do this.

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