CharityAI for Donors
CharityAI by DonationX is the next big thing to enter the charitable sector. Through this system, you can see real-time charity rankings based on comparable information to measure the effectiveness of each nonprofit, including financials, impact metrics, and public perception. It is a revolutionary system that allows users to easily compare and rank charities based on their effectiveness. With Charity AI, users can quickly see real-time rankings of charities, allowing them to make informed decisions about which organizations they should support. The important thing about CharityAI is that every metric tracked by the system is simultaneously updated, making each one as accurate as possible. Using artificial intelligence (AI) CharityAI uses data from multiple public sources to provide an accurate picture of how a charity is doing. 
Why CharityAI Works for You!
For Companies
1. Donate to vetted organizations complying with the IRS and governmental agencies.

2. Reduce Risks and Potential Negative PR.

3. CharityAI continues to learn your processes and what you support.

4. Based on more than 45 factors, customizable to your mission, vaues, and goals.
For Individual Donors
1. Donate with confidence based on CharityAI's ratings.

2. Non-Biased and No human error or influence.

3. Easing Decision Making! No guess work or hoping for the best.

4. You can use the AI to generate rankings, comparing similar causes by metrics you want to see.
Maximize your giving results using CharityAI: Community, Business, Marketing, Employee Engagement and Environmental metrics to boost your Real Giving Impact!