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DonationXchange is an all-in-one platform for donation management, grants management, sponsorship management, sponsorship management, workplace giving, volunteer programs, and MORE!

We help organizations and individuals create, manage and maximize charitable giving and employee engagement programs - with zero hidden costs. 
Corporate Giving
Manage Grants, Scholarships
& Sponsorships

Automate tedious administrative tasks and track everything in one place!

Perfect for:
Grant Management
• Scholarship Management
• Sponsorship Management

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In-Kind Giving
Donation Requests
& Inventory Management

Place your entire in-kind giving process online.

Perfect for:
• Item Donation Management
• Track Inventory & Shipping
• Customizable Donation Request Forms

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Employee Giving
Workplace Giving, Volunteer Programs & Engagement

Empower your team with employee giving programs, volunteer portals and other powerful CSR initiatives!

Perfect for:

• Matching Gifts, Dollars for Doers & United Way Programs
• Volunteer Scheduling & Tracking
• Disaster Relief Programs

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Powerful Tools to Maximize Your CSR Initiatives

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Custom Form Design

We work closely with your branding standards to ensure that all forms fit seamlessly into your existing website. Each part of our request forms are customizable, including fonts, logos, questions and more.

Track Submissions

Users can access secure ePortals to track form submissions. Users have the ability to save their progress and complete it later. Accessible from any device!

Project Management
& Workflow Templates

End-to-end project tracking to keep your team in sync. Designate users to check, rate, comment, and advance projects to the next stage.


Track financial information easily with budgets segmented by program available in a real-time financial dashboard. Each donor program and proposal can have its own budget.

Track, automate & optimize all your CSR & employee engagement initiatives with one low-cost, easy-to-use philanthropy platform.

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Customizable Donation Management For Your Company or Foundation

The work you do is unique, and your giving program is no exception. Your CSR—including your employee matching, volunteering, sponsorships, and in-kind requests—needs a custom software solution to manage your program effectively and keep administrative costs low.


Corporate & Foundation Giving Programs

Corporate and Foundation giving programs are how you give back to the community and invest in causes that matter. Our advanced giving software solutions help you manage your philanthropic gifts to be more effective and save time.


In-Kind Giving

Save yourself the headache of keeping track of in-kind requests and donation inventory. DonationXchange provides the tools to manage your in-kind giving and item donation requests with ease.


Employee Giving

Empower your team through our groundbreaking employee giving and volunteering software. Manage and track employee participation with ease!

Employee Giving

Save Time & Reduce Costs

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Inventory Management

Track your item donation inventory in real time. Upload detailed item descriptions and create sub-groups of items through our easy-to-use inventory solutions.

Digital Certificates

We create customized digital certificates that match your branding. To redeem, simply scan the certificate into your current POS, or verify it using our platform.


Through our eCommerce portal, you can even offer items for sale. Customers may select the what they want, pay, and then receive shipping information — all achieved automatically in our secure web-portal.


Ship items with the DX shipping manager, or utilize our UPS, FedEx, and USPS integrations. Produce packing slips, letters of authenticity, and shipping reports. Customers can choose to pick up, or to pay for shipment.

our mission

Why Corporate Social Responsibility Matters

Your corporate social responsibility and volunteer programs keep your community strong and healthy. We're big believers in giving back, so we've created a premier donation management philanthropy platform at a fair price—so that you can focus on employee engagement and deepening your community partnerships.

100% of Donated Funds Go to the Charity.

  • We believe that a philanthropy software solution should help your corporate giving make an even bigger difference. The dollars your company contributes and the money your employees give all go towards the charities you choose.
  • No processing fee from DonationXchange—you simply pay the credit card processing fees and a small setup fee. Keep your costs low and avoid spiking fees from many corporate giving software solutions.
  • Know your gift is making an impact with no processing fees taken out of your contributions by DonationXchange.

Corporate Social Responsibility
& Employee Engagement Resources


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