Boost Employee Engagement through Matching Gifts, Dollars for Doers, Volunteer Programs and more

A corporation's identity is not only defined by its business practices, but also by the conduct of its employees. DonationXchange Employee Giving will build and strengthen an internal sense of community and employee loyalty, all while contributing to the greater good at the core of your CSR initiatives.

Employee Volunteer Programs

Our comprehensive system gives your employees the opportunity to easily create and submit new events (pending approval), register for company sponsored events, and participate in your key community programs by completing a simple online form found in their personal employee giving portal account.

Matching Gifts

DonationXchange allows employees to submit charitable gifts to causes of their choice directly through the system via credit card, e-check or payroll deduction. Records of gifts external to the system can also be easily uploaded in digital receipt form, or input manually after the donation recipient validates the gift.

Dollars for Doers

DonationXchange allows you to reward and motivate your employees by implementing Dollars for Doers programs. As employees complete volunteer hours, they may use the portal to log their hours towards an administrator authorized award goal. Administrators can then communicate directly with the charities for which volunteering was claimed to verify service hours.

The Employee Giving Portal

We empower your CSR administrators and employees with the ability to build the strength of your CSR presence as a team.

Account administrators are given the tools to manage, track, and run metrics on giving campaigns through an intuitive and customizable work flow from start to finish. All the steps are integrated into the DX portal from identifying a preferred cause to support and launching a campaign, to the final automated or manual fund disbursements to the charity.

Employees can utilize personal logins to access their individual giving portals where they can make monetary donations, create or join volunteer projects, submit matched gift requests and access mobile giving applications. By tracking your employee giving, you can measure your collective impact on the community.

Product Highlights

Online Applications & Internal Tracking:
DonationXchange allows your organization to create and customize all online application forms. Employees are able to edit, save, update, and view their forms and status online.

Application Review:
As an application is reviewed, DonationXchange will email an access link to the next individual in your work flow progression. Application review team members can collectively assess multiple matching gift applications in detail

Form Design & Ease of Use:
DonationXchange is a polished, user-friendly system designed to follow easy step-by-step processes. Administrators can simply create, edit, and customize online application forms to manage each employee program from start to finish.

Accessibility for Applicants:
Employees have the ability to save and modify their volunteering and matching gift requests prior to submission as needed. They can also reset their log-in information and passwords manually without contacting a program administrator.

Roles & Permissions:
DonationXchange permits account administrators to assign tasks, produce progress reports, and individually as well as collectively fulfill matching gift requests.

Mobile Access:
Employees may access their personal web-portals in mobile format to easily update and track volunteering and contributions on the go.

501(c)(3) & OFAC Verification:
DonationXchange is designed so organizations may cross-examine Employer ID numbers (EIN) against a standard 501 (c)(3) nonprofit registry within the United States and Canada.

Communication & Relationship Management:
DonationXchange easily allows your organization to send template-based emails, which include both standard text as well as merge fields, to individual employees or departments.

Reporting & Budgeting Grants Requests:
DonationXchange features customized searches and filters by request status that can be saved, modified, and run when needed. Volunteer hours and fulfilled matching gifts can be viewed individually in full detail, or pulled into comprehensive reports with ease.

Global Giving Programs:
DonationXchange fully supports international giving programs and partnerships and includes international charity vetting and IRS watch-list verification.

Overall Customization:
At DonationXchange, we pride ourselves on the creation of advanced customized forms in order to accurately collect information based upon your organization's particular needs.