maximize giving and minimize costs with one integrated philanthropy platform

track the impact of your CSR programs and share your accomplishments with stakeholders

Create a more productive and fulfilling work environment

Complete Philanthropy Platform to Simplify Giving and Maximize Impact

An investment in Philanthropy is an investment in the Brand

The DonationXchange philanthropy platform will streamline your giving programs so you can maximize the impact of your initiatives while minimizing costs.
Grants & Sponsorships

Revolutionize Your Giving Process

CSR initiatives play an integral role in building a more valuable brand. Customer loyalty is increasingly based on a corporation's identity and not solely on product reliability. As a result, an efficient and quality CSR program can help expand a consumer base, cultivate new markets, improve a corporation's social footprint, and champion worthwhile causes

Employee Engagement

Build Stronger Communities Inside Your Company and Out

A corporation's identity is not only defined by its business practices, but also by the conduct of its employees. DonationXchange Employee Giving will build and strengthen an internal sense of community and employee loyalty, all while contributing to the greater good at the core of your CSR initiatives.

In-Kind Giving

Giving Back to the Community is Easier than Ever

Given the current competitive market, it is critical to find a way to give better without
requiring you to give more. DonationXchange will make your in-kind giving program more focused and efficient, and ultimately save you time and resources.

DonationXchange has processed over $1 Billion to over 400,000 charities worldwide