Manage In-Kind Giving and Item Donation Requests with Ease

DonationXchange's web-based platform can be customized to meet the exact needs of your in-kind giving programs. Our polished, concise, and user-friendly system is designed to guide you through the item donation management process and streamline each step. Administrators simply login into DonationXchange to create, edit, and customize application forms to collect all the information you require. Handling item donation requests has never been easier!

Giving Back to the Community is Easier than Ever
Given the current competitive market, it is critical to find a way to give better without requiring you to give more. DonationXchange will make your in-kind giving program more focused and efficient, and ultimately save you time and resources.

Change Your Giving Process
DonationXchange transforms item donation management and giving routines by placing the entire process online. All in-kind giving initiatives are tracked in one central repository. Once you have created and embedded your custom item donation request form onto your website, organizations can submit charitable donation requests online. Follow the easy step-by-step process within the platform to manage each request from start to finish:

  • Submit: Requesters submit donation requests through a customized online request form
  • Receive: Receive requests from qualified organizations in real time
  • Assess: Review and track donation requests electronically and in detail
  • Accept: Click Approve, Decline or Review, to initiate the next steps in processing
  • Fulfill: Pull from available inventory and pre-set response letter templates
  • Report: Manage monthly and annual campaign tracking, budget, and community impact
  • Archive: Close a donation cycle; generate year-end reports for taxes and accounting
  • Manage: Implement efficient workflow, electronic response and integrated shipping options

Product Highlights

Inventory Management:
Track your inventory in real time. Record and utilize item detail; description, quantity, shipping method, cost to requestor, fair market value, wholesale value, image, and expiration date. Create sub-groups of items through an inventory matrix for ease of input and fulfillment purposes.

Digital Certificates:
Digital Certificates (dCerts) are customized to match your current certificate/voucher and branding. Begin with your current template and insert data merge fields, save the document as a PDF, and import the file into the detail of the inventory item. dCerts are each given a unique alpha numeric range as well as a bar or qr code to eliminate duplicate redemptions. When a dCert is presented for redemption, simply scan it into your current POS or access our dCert verification website and key in the alpha numeric code. As an alternative, DonationXchange also supports the ability to print and ship certificates on company letterhead or pre-printed stock.

Offer reduced rate inventory or items to be autographed with integrated ecommerce functionality. Once a request has been approved and an inventory item selected, the requestor will receive a link to use to pay for the item. Once payment has been made, the DX account administrator will be notified and prompted that the item is ready to be shipped. Payments are made through a secure web-portal and are disbursed to donor organizations weekly via ACH transfer.

Ship items with ease through the DX integrated shipping manager. Select a date range of fulfilled requests to process by batch. Sync with your UPS or FedEx account, or print USPS shipping labels. Produce shipping letters, letters of authenticity, and shipping reports to streamline the process. Pick-up and pay-for-shipping options are also available.

NCAA Compliance:
Compliance of NCAA Bylaws Regarding Promotional Activities can be initiated through your DonationXchange account configuration. Once initiated, requestors are required to check the boxes in the NCAA section of the request form confirming that they have read and agree to the NCAA Bylaws Regarding Promotional Activities. Work flow between the DX Account Administrator and the Compliance Department can also be set up to ensure and track that each request has been "Compliance approved".

Request Forms:
Standard In-Kind DonationXchange Accounts come with a single request form for each of the following request types; Items, Appearances, Tickets, and Internal. The need for additional and custom request forms will be identified during the account configuration session and can be added to your package.

Standard Filters:
Standard Filters are included and can be used to limit: geographic range, charity type, lead time, 501(c)(3) status, the number of times a charity can make a request in a given time period and the number of requests received overall in a given month.

Custom Pre-Qualifying Quizzes:
Custom Pre-Qualifying Quizzes allow you to create custom filters, and present those filters one question at a time in the form of a conditional quiz; ultimately reducing non-qualifying requests, and/or routing the request to a specific item request form for internal review and tracking purposes.

Requester Experience:
You may direct applicants to forms embedded in your website, or you may send a private link to an application. Requesters can save and modify their requests prior to submission as needed. DonationXchange requester accounts are created when an application is submitted or when a first draft is saved (whichever comes first). Applicants can then utilize their personal web-portals to check the status of their requests or send follow up correspondence.

Communication & Relationship Management:
DonationXchange provides advanced tools to streamline communication between requesters and donors. Your organization can easily create email templates that include standard text and mail merge fields so you can easily tailor your communications to individuals and/or groups.

Work Flow:
Designated reviewers simply click on an emailed link to access a comprehensive list of the applications requiring their attention so they can review, rate (per your pre-set criteria), comment, and move the application forward to the next stage.

At DonationXchange, we pride ourselves on the creation of advanced customized forms in order to accurately collect information based upon your organization's particular needs.

DonationXchange offers three methods of reporting:
  • Pre-Configured Reports: Standard and custom reports that can be saved by "favorite" or report type
  • EasyQuery Report Builder: Build and save Ad Hoc custom queries, with the ability to sort and aggregate data sets
  • Export to Excel: Export data by request and fulfillment type and save to an excel sheet
501(c)(3) & OFAC Verification:
DonationXchange is designed so organizations may cross-examine Employer ID numbers (EIN) against a standard 501 (c)(3) nonprofit registry within the United States and Canada.