Grants Management Software Made Simple to Maximize Your Return On Giving™

CSR initiatives play an integral role in building a more valuable brand. Customer loyalty is increasingly based on a corporation's identity and not solely on product reliability. As a result, an efficient and quality CSR program can help expand a consumer base, cultivate new markets, improve a corporation's social footprint, and champion worthwhile causes simultaneously.

A Comprehensive Solution

DonationXchange Grants Management platform was developed to put all the necessary tools in your hands to manage donation request fulfillment lifecycles from start to finish.

Full Service Platform to meet your unique needs

We keep our core grant management technology simple and basic to meet a wide range of client needs for.
Understanding each client’s unique set of grant programs and processing procedures, we stand prepared to develop custom enhancements at the time of implementation.
Most DonationXchange clients manage their own request processing using our turn-key solution. However, if you are looking for a full-service grant management solution, we have the resources to accommodate you.
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What sets DonationXchange apart?

At DonationXchange, we understand that each Corporate Giving program has unique procedures and needs. As such, our platform is designed to be tailored to your company's systems so you don't have to tailor your process to match our software.


Grants Management
Online Application Creation:
Your account administrator will be trained how to create and customize limitless grant online applications, including how to include pre-qualifying quizzes, conditional and required fields, and progress reports. We provide standard templates that are easily modified with custom fields to fit your application criteria.
Grants Management Software
Requester Experience:
You may direct grant applicants to forms embedded in your website, or you may send a private link to an application. Requesters can save and modify their requests prior to submission as needed. Applicants can then utilize their personal web-portals to check the status of their requests or send follow up correspondence.
Grants Management System
Application Review:
Customize an external work flow with the ability to add an unlimited number of reviewers to a work flow progression. Grant application review team members can collectively assess multiple applications in detail, review histories of previously submitted requests, respond with further questions, and save recommendations and comments.

Grants Management
Communication & Relationship Management:
DonationXchange provides advanced tools to streamline communication between requesters and donors. Your organization can easily create email templates that include standard text and mail merge fields so you can easily tailor your communications to individuals and/or groups.
Grants Management Software
Work Flow:
Designated reviewers simply click on an emailed link to access a comprehensive list of the grant applications requiring their attention so they can review, rate (per your pre-set criteria), comment, and move the application forward to the next stage.
Grants Management System
Roles & Permissions:
DonationXchange allows for multiple and varied user roles including Administrator, Super User, Review, Fulfillment, External Review, and AP. Our dashboard system limits displayed menus by user role. Configuration tools are restricted to Administrators. Access to data sets, and reports can be limited by division/department, or comprehensive for the platform.

Grants Management Application
DonationXchange's grant management platform offers three methods of reporting:
  • Pre-Configured Reports: Standard and custom reports that can be saved by "favorite" or report type
  • EasyQuery Report Builder: Build and save Ad Hoc custom queries, with the ability to sort and aggregate data sets
  • Export to Excel: Export data by request and fulfillment type and save to an excel sheet
Grants Management
Impact Reporting:
Capture and publish grant totals, trends, and program outcomes to increase your transparency, and inform and inspire your employees, stakeholders, and community partners.
Grants Management
Each grant program and proposal can be configured to include its own budget line. Budgets can also be split across more than one program or proposal. The budget and statistical information is available in real time on the dashboard.

Grants Management
Disbursement of Funds:
  • ACH Transfer: Funds are deposited directly into a charity's bank account through a secure ACH wire transfer, eliminating human error and lost or stolen checks
  • AP Limited Account Access: AP can only access menus necessary to pull reports, and integrate payment schedules into AP
  • Interface with AP System: Set up direct interface with current AP system to automatically initiate disbursement via AP
501(c)(3) & OFAC Verification:
DonationXchange is designed so organizations may cross-examine Employer ID numbers (EIN) against a standard 501 (c)(3) nonprofit registry within the United States and Canada.
Grants Management
Global Giving:
DonationXchange fully supports international grant programs and partnerships and includes international charity vetting and IRS watch-list verification.

Grants Management Software
Date Migration:
DonationXchange has the ability to migrate past grant requests, attachments, and fulfillment data into our platform to encapsulate your full program history in one place.
Grants Management Software
At DonationXchange, we pride ourselves on the creation of advanced customized forms in order to accurately collect information based upon your organization's particular needs.