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Project Change Scholarship Guidelines


Thank you for your interest in the Project Change Scholarship. Please read the following in its entirely prior to starting the application. Once you open the application, you will need to complete the entire application prior to submitting. The application does not permit you to save and come back later to complete.


The Miami Dolphins Project Change Scholarship will identify one high school student each year and pay for their tuition to college over a four-year period. The goal of the scholarship is to target students to impact their lives, so they can make a change in their community.


Scholarship Guidelines

  1. One scholarship of college/university tuition for a 4-year period.
  2. Application deadline March 31 by 11:59 pm EST. No late submissions will be reviewed or accepted.
  3. Must be a high school senior graduating from a Miami-Dade, Broward or Palm Beach county high school in or before June of the application year.
  4. Demonstrate financial need to attend college.
  5. 3.0 GPA or better.
  6. Submit 300 – 500 word on essay answering the following question: What social justice change do you want to see in your community and how will this scholarship help you achieve that change?
  7. Only one submission per person.


Scholarship Submission Requirements

Please compile the following documents and save them as individual documents. You will need to upload all of these documents separately throughout the application process. Here is a checklist of the documents you will need to upload when submitting your application:


  1. FASFA report (Free Application for Federal Student Aid report) or SAR report (Student Aid Report is provided after you submit your FASFA report),
  2. High School Transcript,
  3. List of all Community Service including at least 40 hours of community service in a social justice programs,
  4. Submit 300 – 500 word on essay answering the following question: What social justice change do you want to see in your community and how will this scholarship help you achieve that change?
  5. Resume,
  6. Two (2) Recommendation letters, and
  7. Scholarship awards that you have received.


Scholarship Application Review Process

September                        Applications available online

March 31                          Applications due by 11:59 pm EST

April/May                          Finalist interviews

May/June                         Scholarship Winner announced  

Requester Primary Contact Information
(this will be in the email used to communicate the status of the request moving forward. please verify the email)
(No PO boxes please)
Donation Request Form

Please select this status that applies to you. *
Are you a U.S. CItizen *

Financial & Family Information
Guardian I Relationship*
First Name*
Last Name*
Place of Employment *
Phone Number*
Email address*
Guardian II Relationship*
First Name*
Last Name*
Place of Employment*
Phone Number
Email address
Siblings in College
Do you have an siblings in college?
Number of siblings in college
Names of siblings in college and college name/graduation datePlease list the first and last name of the siblings in college along with the name of the attending college and expected month and year of graduation.
Other Scholarships
Have you applied for or received other scholarships or financial assistance*
Organization I
Amount Applied For ($)
Amount Received ($)
Organization II
Amount Applied For ($)
Amount Received ($)
Organization III
Amount Applied For ($)
Amount Received ($)
Attach additional report if you have applied for and/or received more than 3 scholarships/grant
Financial Data
Attach a copy of your FAFSA *
Attach a copy of your SAR *
What is your Expected Family Contribution (EFC) according to your SAR? *
Student eligible for school free lunch program or reduced lunch program?*
Academic Information
Name of High school *
When are you expected to graduate?*
What is your cumulative GPA?*
What type of diploma did or will you receive?*
Please upload and attach your most current high school transcript.*
College Plans
List all the Colleges and Universities that you have applied to*
What is your planned field of study?*
Will you enroll as a part-time or full-time student?*
What will your living arrangements be in college?*
Please list any colleges that you have been accepted to.
 Indicate which college you plan on attending. 
Volunteer Experience
Start Date
End Date
Start Date
End Date
Start Date
End Date
Start Date
End Date
Please attach additional volunteer experiences, if needed.
Professional/Job Experience
Please attach your resume. *
Please list any honors and awards you received.*
References & Essay

Please provide a one-sided, one page only type essay. Write a 300- 500 word essay about your dream, what you would like to accomplish and how you plan to achieve your dream.
Letter of Recommendation - By Teacher*
Upload your first required recommendation here.
Letter of Recommendation - By Soccer Coach*
Upload your second required recommendation here.
Application Submission
Application Submission and Certification
By submitting this application, the undersigned hereby acknowledges the information provided on this application, including attachments, is true and correct to the best of his/her knowledge, and the information may be provided and disclosed to the Foundation Scholarship Review Committee and to any other person(s) authorized by the Foundation to review the information. Verification of what is presented in this application may be obtained from any source. Applicants agree they will meet the IRS conditions for this to be a tax-free scholarship. Signature below hereby releases from liability any person(s) submitting information to the Foundation for use in the selection of scholarship recipients.
You may attach documents that describes your event, your 501(c)(3) letter, or any other related document.
(Click on Select button to attach multiple documents. The files should be selected from a folder on your computer. The files will be listed under the attachment box. Files will be uploaded when you click submit. Attachments must be in one (1) of the following formats: Pdf, doc, docx, xls, xlsx. Limit the file size to less than 10MB.)

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