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Applicants must submit their applications by the August 31, 2018 deadline
Applicants must be a 501(c)(3) non-profit.
*Current core charities must wait 3 years before re-applying for benefits.*

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Organization Info
Please fill out any missing organization information below.
If you know the Tax ID it will speed up the processing and verification of your request.
(Providing a contact at the organization will speed up the processing of your request.)
Requester Primary Contact Information
(this will be in the email used to communicate the status of the request moving forward. please verify the email)
Request Information
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Proposal Description*Please write a clear and brief summation of your proposal. The proposal should include the purpose, the need with respect to our community, how it will be implemented, how often the service will be provided and how the funds will increase the organization's capacity to serve the needs of young people in the Findlay area.
Applicant Organization*Briefly describe the background of your organization: when it was founded, whom the organization serves, and any additional information that you feel is pertinent.
Funds Requested*Briefly describe the specific purpose for the funds. Document that there is an unmet need or that the project enhances an existing program. Include an estimated program budget and indicate the source(s) for the additional funds needed. Also include how this program will be funded in the future.
Personal and Participants*Summarize the people, paid and volunteer, who will be responsible for this program. What are the qualifications of the key personnel?
Anticipated Outcomes* A funding criterion of the Marathon Classic is to meet emerging needs with innovative programs that have a high probability of solving community problems. How does your program fit this criterion?
List the Counties the Organization Serves*
Percentage of funds requested for Marketing Expense *
Approximate number of children served by donation request*
Location of your Organization*


Please enter the contact name of the person at this organization who requested you to submit your request. Leave blank if no one referred you.
Please upload the following:
* Copy of Internal Revenue Service Tax exemption letter
* List of members of your organization's governing board
* Copy of latest annual operating budget with line item expenses and sources of operating revenue

(Click on Select button to attach multiple documents. The files should be selected from a folder on your computer. The files will be listed under the attachment box. Files will be uploaded when you click submit. Attachments must be in one (1) of the following formats: Pdf, doc, docx, xls, xlsx. Limit the file size to less than 10MB.)

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