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Thank you for your interest in the Project Change Scholarship. Please read the following in its entirely prior to starting the application. Once you open the application, you will need to complete the entire application prior to submitting. The application does not permit you to save and come back later to complete.

The social justice grant program created by the Miami Dolphins will earmark funds to impact organizations in need that are involved in community engagement, education or justice reform. The grant program will be guided by an advisory committee of Dolphins players and staff. The social justice grant program is a part of a yearly fund for advocacy and social justice programs created by Stephen Ross and Dolphins players.

Please click here to review the guidelines for the grant.
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If you know the Tax ID it will speed up the processing and verification of your request.
(Providing a contact at the organization will speed up the processing of your request.)
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Description of the social justice initiative/program this grant will fund.Please note this grant is not intended to fund your entire organization. This grant is only intended to fund a specific social justice initiative/program administered through your nonprofit organization.
What are anticipated/measurable goals/objectives for the specific social justice initiative/program?
Anticipated budget for the specific social justice initiative/program to be funded by this grant


Please enter the contact name of the person at this organization who requested you to submit your request. Leave blank if no one referred you.
Please attached your nonprofit’s IRS 501-c-3 designation letter and your I-990 from past 2 years.
(Click on Select button to attach multiple documents. The files should be selected from a folder on your computer. The files will be listed under the attachment box. Files will be uploaded when you click submit. Attachments must be in one (1) of the following formats: Pdf, doc, docx, xls, xlsx. Limit the file size to less than 10MB.)

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