Every child deserves a chance at a bright future.  However, millions of kids around the world face a serious disadvantage --not because of their learning ability, but because they lack proper nutrition.
Our founder Milton Hershey embedded in the creation of The Hershey Company a promise to help children grow and thrive. After more than 100 years we’ve continued to keep that promise. We’re providing youth across the globe and in our own communities with the basic nutrition they need to perform their best in school. Because if they can’t learn today, how can they make groundbreaking discoveries or become the next great leaders of tomorrow? Nourishing Minds provides immediate access to nutrition by working with partners who share our vision.   

Grants for Nourishing Minds fund national and international partnerships as well as grants to local food banks, school pantry programs, and other organizations that support the vital link between children’s nutrition & education. We are especially interested in funding programs that provide nutrition in educational settings as well as efforts that increase access and affordability of nutritious foods for children & families. We prioritize programs that explore market-based models, social finance, skills-based volunteering, and investments in social enterprise or entrepreneurship.

Funding Process & Requirements

Local grants for Nourishing Minds must impact children in communities within 20 miles of a Hershey facility. Local Nourishing Minds applications may be submitted electronically by completing the eligibility quiz here (Eligibility Quiz). This is a competitive grants process with grants awarded on a quarterly basis.

National and international Nourishing Minds partnership grants are by invitation only. If you believe your program will help us advance our goal to nourish 1 million minds by 2020, we invite you to upload your letter of inquiry. (LOI APPLICATION)  LOI’s must be no more than 2 pages and include the following information:

1) The issue you are seeking to address
2) Your proposed solution/activities 
3) Expected outcomes
4) Requested funding amount
5) Explain why this request fits the purpose of Hershey’s Nourishing Minds strategic giving priority   

Please note, due to the volume of inquiries we receive, it may take up to 3 months to receive a response.

Restrictions: While we greatly value health/fitness, nutrition education, and healthy lifestyle programs for children, these types of programs are encouraged to review our Thriving Communities program. Nourishing Minds grants will focus on programs that ensure that all children have the basic nutrition they need to learn and thrive.

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