Customer Education and Outreach Expense Guidelines

OUC is committed to providing our customers with the highest level of customer service. Educating and informing our customers about products, programs and services we offer to help them manage their energy and water use is a key component of providing outstanding service. Growing both our chilled water and lighting businesses are also vital to maintaining a strong, diversified customer base that is able to withstand changes in economic conditions.

The focus of the Customer Education and Outreach account is to build awareness of our OUC-related products, projects, programs and services available for customer participation.

Expenses in this area will meet any one of the following criteria:

  • 1a) Opportunity to educate or inform residential and commercial customers about OUC products, projects, programs or services

  • 2a) Opportunity to promote OUC programs, products and services to both existing and potential OUC customers

  • 3a) Opportunity to promote OUC programs, products and services to commercial customers to generate new business

  • 4a) Opportunity for wholesale electric, OUCooling and/or OUConvenient Lighting to showcase existing products and projects in order to reach new, potential customers

  • 5a) Raise awareness of OUC in order to help secure new business or maintain existing contracts outside of our service territory

  • 6a) Support the efforts of organizations that assist OUC in communicating with diverse groups of residential and commercial customers

  • 7a) Support organizations that allow OUC the opportunity to drive traffic to our web site, which features customer-focused programs and information

  • 8a) Work with organizations that raise or distribute funds to customers and/or that provide utility and general assistance services or build awareness of OUC low income programs, including Project Care and Home Fix-Up

  • 9a) Facilitate the achievement of public outreach regulatory requirements

  • 10a) Promote OUC and our employees as experts and leaders in our field and/or support employee professional development

*All organizations must be a 501(c)(3), 501(c)(4) or 501(c)(6) and a tax exempt certificate must be included when submitting a request for sponsorship.

Employee Involvement Expense Guidelines

Encouraging employee wellness and safety are necessary in order for OUC to reduce healthcare costs and maintain a productive workforce.  OUC supports organizations and programs that:

  • 1b) Provide education and outreach as a preventative measure to serious health problems

  • 2b) Promote employee wellness through involvement with health-related organizations that raise awareness and encourage a healthy lifestyle

  • 3b) Encourage employee involvement at events that promote physical activity, exercise and/or healthy lifestyle

  • 4b) Provide safety awareness for our employees

All Customer Education and Outreach agreements with participating organizations will designate which of the above criteria is being met.


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