Top 8 Grant Management Systems and Software for Grantmakers

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What is grant management? It can seem like an intimidating or confusing topic, especially since many people use the term to talk about different parts of the process. 



As a grantmaker, you’ve been entrusted with the heavy responsibility of finding worthy programs to support. While there are many components of this from evaluation to implementation, having effective software solutions to manage grant applications is one of the most basic and important. Below you’ll find the top 7 grant management solutions for grantmakers.

Issues to Consider

Here are a few important issues to consider as you make your decision:


Aesthetics aren’t everything, but looking professional and up-to-date helps your grantseekers trust your organization, feel confident they are in the right place, and feel comfortable submitted detailed and privileged information. 


Being able to customize fields and update the branding of the tool is incredibly helpful and goes a long way to making it an effective solution. Options like cascading forms and connecting to external databases like GuideStar can help make sure your grantseekers give you all the details you need.

Ease of application

By making it simple and easy to fill out a grant and to reapply for a new cycle, you save grantseekers’ time so they can do other important work—along with building appreciation and trust with these partners.


Pros: DonationXchange allows for multiple user roles to streamline your administration and evaluation of applications, migration of past data into the platform to encapsulate all the information in one place, and direct ACH depositing of grants. On top of this, the platform allows instant 501c3 status verification, supports international grants, embedded application forms, and many other features.

Cons: As one of the most customizable and versatile solutions on the market, DonationXchange really only has one flaw—you’re not using it yet.


Pros: One of the best known solutions, Cybergrants allows you to integrate with your website, instantly verify a nonprofit’s 501c3 status, and create unlimited custom fields.

Cons: Unfortunately, with large name recognition also comes a significant investment—this solution involves both implementation costs and ongoing fees.


Pros: Flux allows grant payment scheduling, compliance checks, and an open API system if you have a developer on staff to integrate with other tools.

Cons: Unfortunately, Flux is not the most aesthetically pleasing solution and lacks some other communication and management features.


Pros: API ability allows you to integrate with tools like Salesforce and Quickbooks, along with easily customizable forms.

Cons: Some users have noted that Submittable does not allow multiple user types to review grants.


Pros: WizeHive is consistently praised as a simple solution with easy-to-build forms and customization options.

Cons: Each year of applications and grants is separated, which means separate logins and reporting every year a grantseeker submits.

Smart Simple Grants Management

Pros: Smart Simple allows you to build workflows to automate your communication about reporting or other concerns after awarding a grant. The tool has a robust list of features and automation capabilities.

Cons: Some users have noted a steep learning curve and a need to have a developer on staff to implement most of the automated features.

SurveyMonkey Apply

Pros: SurveyMonkey Apply is very customizable with lots of training available. Users can even assume the role of someone applying to help troubleshoot and understand the process.Very customizable with lots of training available. Users can also assume the role of someone applying to help troubleshoot.

Cons: Users note that SurveyMonkey apply requires quite a bit of lead time to implement effectively. Quite a bit of lead time to implement effectively.


Pros: Fondant integrates with GuideStar to allow download of a nonprofit’s public profile into the application. You can set up access codes for some applications and assign specific evaluators, as well as allowing grantseekers to copy answers from past applications.

Cons: Some users have found struggled with Foundant’s learning curve.

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