Top 5 Employee Engagement Tools for CSR

Getting your team on board with your CSR efforts is vital, but can be overwhelming. With so much riding on your employees’ engagement—in fact, it may be the most important component for the success of your corporate social responsibility program—how do you make sure they are all in?

Thankfully, there’s software to help with that. The list below will help you find a good solution that streamlines your CSR efforts while measuring and improving your employee engagement.

Issues to Consider

Different strategies

Employee engagement is a moving target, with many schools of thought and strategies to impact it. Find a platform that allows your organization to leverage all the different ways to engage your employees, from matching gifts to dollars for doers and so many more—this will give you the most bang for your buck, especially since CSR is key to recruiting and retaining top talent.

Integration with your other CSR Management

Finding a solution that allows you to both manage grants and sponsorships as well as engage employees will help to streamline your processes and communicate a more consistent brand and message. Not to mention, paying for one piece of software is likely to help cut your costs.


Pros: DonationXchange allows for all the different employee engagement strategies for CSR, from matching gifts to disaster response funds to dollars for doers. Plus, easy integration with software for grant management and other CSR needs means your organization can find solutions in one piece of software, streamlining your processes.

Cons: You’re not using it yet.


Pros: YourCause allows you to utilize matching gifts, disaster response funds, and volunteer event management and tracking with great mobile optimization.

Cons: Some users note that YourCause has limited customization capabilities and can make information hard to find.


Pros: frontstream is a great starter option. 

Cons: Users report the reporting functionality was lacking, and much of the software is geared towards nonprofits—meaning less support and feedback available. 


Pros: GivePulse allows backdated data, volunteer tracking, and reporting capabilities. It also lets employees schedule in their time off to volunteer and then notifies a manager for approval.

Cons: Users note GivePulse can be unintuitive and have multiple levels of pages to get to various tasks.

Benevity Goodness Platform

Pros: Benevity makes it easy for employees to give, search for volunteer opportunities, and track their own giving and volunteering—as well as allowing managers to do the same.

Cons: Some users note that Benevity could use options for push notifications or other ways to pull employees onto the platform. Others note that it doesn’t have all the capabilities for CSR efforts, causing them to use multiple platforms in a piecemeal solution.






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