Top 4 Sponsorship Management Software and Tools

Your company is sponsoring events all over. How do you keep track of your company’s sponsorship efforts? While the old email or paper-based application and tracking once worked, there are now robust software solutions for your sponsorship management needs.

Issues to Consider:

Giving Recognition

Your sponsorship management software should help maximize the recognition you receive for your sponsorships, along with allowing you to get the most out of your giving. 


A solution that looks dated and has a poor user interface is going to frustrate your team—and an outdated front end is often a sign of an outdated back end.


Look for a solution that looks reputable and has positive client reviews. Many will list their clients on their site - ask to talk to someone who has worked with them for a while to get even more internal insight.


1. DonationXChange

Pros: DonationXChange integrates with other CSR efforts to create a seamless brand-building corporate giving program. You can embed a sponsorship application in your site, create a custom link for specific partners, customize workflow and review, and more. It even lets you cross reference 501(c)3 records to verify a nonprofit’s status!

Cons: You’re not using it yet. 

2.  KORE Software

Pros: Designed as a Customer Relationship Manager, KORE has some cross-functionality as a sponsorship management tool—allowing you to track sponsorships, integrate with a database, and more. KORE’s purchase of SponServe, another player in this market, in November 2018 has the potential to add more capabilities.

Cons: KORE’s solution is not focused solely on sponsorship management, so it includes other features that you may not be looking for, as well as a bit more challenge finding the right support.

3. Evalato

Pros: Users report intuitive software and a friendly support team, as well as the ability to automate some needed functions.

Cons: Some of the functionality is geared more towards a CRM software rather than a true grant management software—a common theme with many of the options available.

4. Wizehive

Pros: Wizehive automates a lot of the sponsorship process like emails, provides robust reporting capabilities, and has a helpful and responsive support team.

Cons: Users report a steep learning curve and less intuitive interface, as well as an inability to copy applications to the next year.