The Best Platforms for Digital Waivers: Our Top Picks for Online Waiver Software

Digital waivers and liability releases are a key part of doing business in a digital world. It’s important to find the right tools to make sending, signing, and collecting digital waivers easy and efficient.

Why Online Waivers Matter for Your CSR Program

Digital waivers are especially helpful for your CSR program, and finding the right tool that integrates effectively with your CSR management tool can go a long way. Tools like DonationXchange allow for easy integration with a broad variety of tools, saving you time and money while allowing you to add even more capabilities to their robust suite of CSR management features. 

Formalize Grant Agreements

Online waivers can help you formalize grant agreements with nonprofits you are supporting. A leader at the nonprofit often signs the grant agreement, demonstrating that they are willing to follow the guidelines and requirements listed in the grant agreement. This can help you by creating a more formal document for both parties to refer back to.

Make Grant Agreements Binding

Using digital waivers and forms for your grant agreements can also keep your leaders happy. Having a binding signature that shows what the nonprofit commits to often makes people feel more comfortable about the money they are distributing. Your nonprofit partners will be used to this, so adding it to your routine can be a simple way to cover both parties. 

Increased Security

Digital waivers can be more secure than physical copies, as there isn’t a danger of someone leaving sensitive information lying around on their desk or it getting lost in the mail. You can collect information directly, store it securely, and prevent unauthorized access. With the right tools, you can make sure that every step of your CSR program, from applications to signed agreements to the distribution of the money, is safe and secure. 

Make Things Convenient for Your Grantees

Online waivers are much easier for your nonprofit partners. Especially with the continuation of remote work, using online waivers for your CSR program allows your partners to quickly fill out and sign forms on the go without having to go through tedious manual steps. Instead of printing, signing, scanning, and returning forms, your partners can simply click the link to the secure form to sign and submit in seconds. 

Photo Releases with Online Waivers

If you’re looking for photos or videos of the people you impact through your CSR program, digital waivers can be a helpful tool to collect photo release forms that give you permission to use those photos for marketing purposes. Do what you can to share the links to a release form with your nonprofit partners when they sign a grant agreement or to confirm they have their own release form so that you can use any photos you receive.

What to Look for in a Digital Waiver Platform

Not all digital waiver platforms are the same, and depending on the capabilities of your online waiver software it can be incredibly helpful or create more hassle than anything. 

Easy to Use

Make sure your digital waiver software is simple and usable. It’s important that people know how to sign the document, understand what they are agreeing to, and can access it from a variety of devices. Some waiver software solutions don’t work on a mobile device, which can add a lot of inconvenience if your partners are working remotely or on the go a lot. 


Security is important for digital waiver platforms. Look for comments about encryption, links that share specifically with the person who needs to sign, and other features to reduce the risk of fraud or unauthorized access to signed documents. Since some of these documents may include confidential information, having a secure digital waiver platform is essential. 

Custom Information

Your digital waivers should be customized for each signer and each grant agreement or other contract. Avoid tools that don’t allow you to upload custom documents to be signed, as the boilerplate language can be inaccurate and frustrating for your nonprofit partners—and can even be a problem from a legal standpoint. Make sure that you can upload the customized documents with specified areas to sign.

Language Options

Do you work with populations that speak multiple languages? The option to include your digital waivers in several languages can make access easier and provide a better experience for your nonprofit partners.  Work with people on your team or an outside service to translate forms effectively and then offer the appropriate option for your partners. 

Top Platforms for Digital Waivers for Your CSR Program

There are a broad variety of digital waiver platforms available with different features to help streamline processes for your CSR program. 



Pros: DonationXchange is a powerful solution for gathering and tracking registration and waiver submissions. Create custom registration forms for each CSR initiative or volunteer event. Easily include waivers and photo releases, track registration and participation, and monitor all your events with an embedded calendar!

Cons: You're not using it yet!



Pros: DocuSign is one of the better-known platforms and allows for secure sending of forms, custom fields, uploading templates, and tracks whether people have signed for you. 

Cons: One of the side effects of its security measures is challenging access for your team, so make sure everyone understands that various authentication methods and secure passwords are important to protect your partner’s information even if they can be inconvenient. 


Pros: Smartwaiver has robust customization available along with the ability to upload templates, include custom questions with dropdowns or checkboxes, and integrate with your email list in tools like MailChimp or Constant Contact. 

Cons: Some users report issues accessing when they send forms out, though they admit it could be user error. 


Pros: Integrations with other software and the convenience of signing on their own devices makes WaiverSign a helpful tool for digital waivers, especially on the go. 

Cons: Some users mentioned issues with the software allowing people to proceed without signing everywhere as well as confusion around signing waivers when minors were involved. 


Pros: Users appreciated the accessibility of customer service as well as the custom solutions for their waivers. 

Cons: Some users wanted more integrations with other software applications. 


Pros: City Gro also provides texting options, customer loyalty programs, and more beyond the ability to sign waivers. 

Cons: Some users mentioned a tendency to have software glitches as well as a steeper learning curve. 

Finding the Right Digital Waiver Platform Is Just the Beginning

While a digital waiver platform can streamline some of your workflows, having robust software that solves for other business needs is important to running a successful CSR program. Tools like DonationXchange can automate grant applications, in-kind donation fulfillment, reporting, and so many other parts of your CSR program—saving you time and helping you have an even greater impact. Schedule a free demo today!



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