The Best (Free!) Donation Tracking Tools of 2022

Donation tracking software can help you effectively manage your organization's donation and sponsorship requests. While there are many paid philanthropy platform options available, it can be difficult to find donation tracking freeware that is high quality, reliable, and intuitive. To help, we've assembled a list of our favorite CSR tracking and management solutions.

Essential Donation Tracking Features

Not all donation request tracking tools are the same. Whether they are more manual solutions, like tracking templates in Microsoft Excel or other solution, or full software products, certain features make the difference between an effective donation tracking tool and one that adds more work.

Custom Donation Form Design

Managing the volume and diversity of donation requests can be a logistical nightmare for your staff, especially if there are poorly designed donation forms in place. Worse still,

It goes a long way when your donation request form can be customized, too. You may need to capture unique data for your program—perhaps it’s related to your company’s giving focus, the impact your giving has from a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion perspective, or simply the geography of the organization requesting a donation. Collecting this unique data can help you make a better business case for your program as well as reducing the amount of ineligible request you have to filter through—rather than receiving emails from every possible request that all contain different details and data points, you can find out everything you need to in the first round of communication.

If your donation request form can be customized to fit your brand and embedded on your website, even better! That helps stick to your brand guidelines while increasing trust and brand recognition with people making donation requests. 




Create Custom Donation Forms with DonationXchange

We work closely with your branding standards to ensure that all forms fit seamlessly into your existing website. Each part of our request forms are customizable, including fonts, logos, questions and more. Follow our easy step-by-step processes. Create, edit, and customize online application forms to manage each employee program from start to finish.


You can even create custom registration forms for volunteer events! Easily include waivers and photo releases, track registration and participation, and monitor all your events with an embedded calendar!



Data Reporting in Real Time

Collecting accurate and reliable data is becomes extremely important when your organization is required to produce reports on your giving history. The ability to quickly and easily produce impactful reports can be paramount to the continued success of your organization, especially  point to the requests you’ve fulfilled, the impact they have, and exactly how much money has gone out can set your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program apart. Managing your CSR donation requests doesn’t have to take a lot of analog work—neither should reporting out on the results of your program.

Easy, real-time reporting that can be exported from your donation request tracking tool quickly helps cut down on manual creating reports and gives you the ability to answer questions from leadership quickly and effectively. 

Effortless Inventory Tracking

One of the most common donation requests you may receive is for in-kind donations for events like silent auctions, raffles, and banquets. These are great opportunities to promote your product or company while also contributing to a cause you care about. The challenge, however, is in keeping track of the inventory you have already committed or sent to fulfill other requests. Tracking the items you have remaining to contribute through your CSR program can speed up your ability to respond to donation requests, track donations, and make sure your program reaches its maximum potential.

Tracking your inventory of donatable items in the same solution where you track requests reduces time transferring information and cuts down on human error or misunderstandings.




Track Inventory and Shipments with DonationXchange

Keeping track of inventory in stock is tough. Keeping track of inventory, shipments, and budgets is even harder.  DonationXchange provides all the tools you need to stay on top of all the moving pieces efficiently.  With DonationXchange, all of the pieces to your in-kind giving efforts are online. Track inventory. Manage your monthly item budget. Send personalized emails to applicants along each step of the donation receiving process. You can even sync with your shipping account to fulfill orders!





Automation is EVERYTHING

Automation is here to make your life easier. Donation tracking and donation request management are time-intensive tasks, draining valuable labor hours and slowing your organization's overall growth. Find a donation tracking tool that streamlines your organization's native workflows, integrates data quickly (especially if you can use an API solution to have that tool talk to your other software), and prevents human error.



The Best (Free!) Donation Tracking Tools of 2022

There are many donation tracking tools available to manage donation and sponsorship requests. Most solutions are paid solutions, which can be a barrier if your CSR program is young or currently has a small budget. To find great free donation tracking tools that will help your giving program be more effective, try out these options below.

#1. DonationXchange Lite:

DonationX.Lite is an incredibly robust free donation tracking solution. Users have the ability to create custom donation request forms, screen applicants using the IRS database to confirm nonprofit status, and track donation item inventory- all in one place. Plus, users can communicate with applicants within the platform and export reports in real-time.


Our free donation solution offers a powerful set of donation management tools to get you started. If your needs exceed the capabilities of DonationX.Lite, simply contact to upgrade to our paid service. At only $1 per transaction, our powerful donation management platform is one of the most affordable options in the industry!



Powerful & Customizable Donation Management

Track, automate & optimize all your CSR & employee engagement initiatives with one low-cost, easy-to-use philanthropy platform.

DonationXchange revolutionizes item donation management and giving routines by placing the entire process online. Our CSR tracking tools allow you to expertly manage your in-kind giving and item donation requests.



#2. Charitable Gifts Tracking Spreadsheet Template



This easy Excel donation tracking template allows you to simply track donations, organizations, and dates for simple reporting. This solution has a pretty easy learning curve, which means it can be implemented quickly. That said, this will not automate much of your process and still requires heavy communication support and manual entering of information.



#3. Free Donation Tracking Templates for Excel


Another great Excel option, these templates will make it easy to track donations. With a few small tweaks, you can change the tracking from focusing on incoming donations to outgoing donations, allowing you to track donations while also putting your CSR budget in the same solution. This can streamline accounting for costs for your overall program, though it continues to require a lot of manual updating.



#4. Goodwill Donation Tracker | Track Goodwill Donation Receipts Online

As one of the most well-known places to donate items for most people, Goodwill’s donation tracking system is intended for use with donations to that organization. It provides a helpful template of the important information to track as well as allowing you to export all your donations at the end of the period.




#5. Donation Sheet Template - 9+Free PDF Documents Download | Free & Premium Templates


There templates come in various file formats, allowing you to choose the format that works best for you. While these will help you track donations, it requires a lot of manual entry and staff support for communications.



If you see the need to streamline your donation request tracking, make sure to pick a solution that works for your budget and helps your team increase their efficiency and effectiveness. The right option will make your CSR program better able to make an impact in your community—and make your job easier! 

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