Sponsorship Management: It’s Time to Go Paperless

Making the decision to switch to a paperless sponsorship management system might seem intimidating, but you are unlikely to regret it. The latest software makes it far easier to administer sponsorship programs without the usual piles of paperwork.

When you access the power of automation with an online sponsorship management system, things will be easier for you and your team. In addition to saving time and resources, going paperless is also better for the environment.

Below, we will share information about what sponsorship management is, discuss the key benefits of sponsorship programs and talk about the myriad benefits of switching to a paperless sponsorship management system.


What Is a Sponsorship?

Within a corporate sponsorship, products, services or monetary donations are made from companies to non-profits – typically to support a specific program or event. These payments are all about furthering the aims of the non-profit organizations and supporting their efforts. In return for these sponsorship donations, non-profits will publicly acknowledge that they are being supported by the sponsoring company.

Often the non-profit will publicize the sponsorship, which may be used to fund or assist with a special event, an on-going program, or general charitable activities.

When a corporate sponsorship works well, it's a win-win for both sides. However, a program of this type will also impact taxes. This means that corporations or companies should take care to enter into sponsorships which are legal and appropriate. The benefits of sponsorship as they relate to the company or corporation should not negatively impact the tax-exempt status of the charity.

Sponsorships are wonderful examples of corporate philanthropy in action. They also enhance the existing CSR initiatives of companies and corporations. If you are interested in showing the world that your company has a strong sense of corporate social responsibility, you will find that choosing the right sponsorship opportunity is a smart strategy.


How Do Companies Benefit From Sponsorships?

Companies benefit from the exposure that comes with a sponsorship, which in turn fosters goodwill from consumers. Non-profit sponsorships help to shape a more socially responsible image for a company in the mind of the general public.

Appropriate sponsorships for worthy causes set companies apart from their rivals. They send a message that the sponsoring companies care about the world around them. In some cases, sponsorships result in positive publicity and marketing value which would be very costly to generate in other ways, such as print or television ads.


Why Switch To a Paperless Sponsorship Management System?

When a company switches to a paperless sponsorship management system, they will save time, energy and money. The cost of software will be balanced out by the advantages of the automation that it provides. Software solutions make it possible for managers and other team members to handle all aspects of sponsorship in an efficient and fully-paperless manner.

Of course, this type of software is only a good investment when it is of superb quality. It pays for itself over time.

Without software that facilitates the creation and administration of a sponsorship management system, an old-fashioned system will be required, which puts an unnecessary strain on the environment and also requires more labor to run.

For this reason, the savviest sponsorship managers are choosing to invest in software which allows for online administration of sponsorships.


Set Up Your Own Paperless Sponsorship Management System Today

It is time to move into the future. When you embrace paperless technology, you will be able to take care of sponsorship tasks with a software system that has all of the bells and whistles. Inputting data, sending alerts, tracking information and planning for the future will become simpler, faster and most importantly, paperless.

Automation is the key to creating and operating an online sponsorship management system. Excellent online sponsorship management solutions, are out there, making it simple to choose the one that is right for your company or corporation.

Now that you know more about the benefits of sponsorships, as well as the advantages of a paperless system for sponsorship management, you will be ready to get the ball rolling at your company. Sponsorships are good for both companies and non-profits. However, without the right automation software, it may be difficult to set up and run a sponsorship program.

If you want to initiate corporate sponsorships with less administrative hassle and environmental impact, you should look to move forward with a paperless management system today.


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