It's Easy to Give MORE this Holiday Season with DonationXchange

We all know that the holidays are a great time to donate; in fact, nearly 31% of annual giving occurs in December! However, it's important to make sure that your organization's holiday donation dollars aren't diluted by expensive software licensing, hidden processing costs and sky-high transaction rates. These costly pitfalls can significantly reduce on the true charitable impact of your donation.  

So, how can you ensure that 100% of your donation funds go to the causes that you care about? In short, the answer is DonationXchange.

Unlike our competitors, DonationXchange charges a simple setup fee and doesn't add on fees for every donation processed through the software. By offering powerful philanthropy management software at a fair price, we help you to GIVE MORE of your donation dollars DIRECTLY TO CHARITY — so you can focus on maximizing employee engagement and community impact.

DonationXchange Solutions:



Manage Grants, Scholarships & Sponsorships
Automate tedious administrative tasks and track everything in one place! Perfect for:

  • Grant Management- Fully automated grants management, including application vetting, verification and grant request tracking.

  • Scholarship Management - Track scholarship eligibility, automate submission processes, create custom submission guidelines and more!

  • Sponsorship Management - Manage applications, awards, and requirements for all of your sponsorships.

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Donation Requests & Inventory Management
Place your entire in-kind giving process online. Users can request items through customized donation request forms and track their submissions in real-time.

  • Customizable Donation Request Forms

  • Item Donation Management

  • Track Inventory & Shipping

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Workplace Giving, Volunteer Programs, and Employee Engagement
Empower your team to give back to the community with employee giving programs, customized volunteer portals and other powerful CSR initiatives!

  • Manage Matching Gifts, Dollars for Doers & United Way Programs

  • Volunteer Scheduling & Tracking

  • Disaster Relief & Employee Aid Programs

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BONUS: How to Leverage Holiday CSR Programs to Increase Employee Engagement

The holiday season is the time of year when most employees get on board with giving initiatives, so it's wise to use this time as an opportunity to set the tone for increased employee engagement and greater charitable giving in 2022.

Employee Engagement Tips for 2022:

  • Keep the year-end momentum going by proudly celebrating the results of your holiday CSR programs. Share internal newsletters that showcase your team's direct impact on the community.
    DX TIP: You can effortlessly manage both internal newsletters and client-facing email marketing programs with DonationXchange.

  • Gain feedback from employees to create, modify or enhance your organization's year-round giving strategy.
    DX TIP: With DonationXchange, you can create custom forms to automate internal surveys and track feedback.

  • Create custom holiday CSR initiatives that dovetail with the causes that matter most to your team.
    DX TIP: Our platform makes it easy to create and track CSR program efficacy through our powerful analytics dashboard.

  • Create an employee CSR holiday board to brainstorm new ways to improve initiatives and increase participation.
    DX TIP: Managing your charitable giving with DonationXchange saves you HOURS in administrative work - freeing up valuable meeting time for your team.

  • Strive to involve employees in meaningful ways:

    • Team volunteer outings 

    • Company-wide service days/months

    • Friendly office giving competitions


Easy Pricing. Maximum Impact.

DonationXchange robust philanthropy management software helps you streamline administrative tasks and maximize the impact of your donation dollars!


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How DonationXchange Can Help:
• Create & Track Fundraisers, Scholarships, Grants & More!
• Manage & Grow Donor Base     
• Process, Track, and Analyze Donation Requests
• Manage Volunteer Opportunities   
• Supercharge Employee Engagement
• Champion the Causes that Matter to YOU!

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DonationX makes it simpler and more efficient to manage donation requests and track philanthropic giving.


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