How to Increase Participation in Workplace Giving


 The first step to increasing participation in anything is to make it easy for people to get involved. Allowing employees to contribute to workplace giving initiatives through payroll deduction is a wonderful way to simplify the giving process. Automatic payroll deduction allows the employees to choose an amount to contribute from each paycheck after making a one-time selection. From there, the employee doesn’t have to do anything and the giving continues all year.

Another great way to make it easy for employees to get involved in workplace giving initiatives is to select a CSR management software that includes an employee portal. Employees can utilize personal logins to access their individual giving portals where they can make monetary donations, create or join volunteer projects, submit matched gift requests and access mobile giving applications.



In addition to making giving simple for employees, you’ll also want to add some sort of interactive component or incentive to get their attention. Consider creating giving competitions among departments to create some excitement or offer individual incentives to those who give a certain amount each year.

Volunteer events are another option to make giving fun for employees. These events also serve as team-building opportunities and have the added bonus of bolstering a sense of comradery amongst employees. Creating opportunities and incentives for employees to volunteer is also a proven way to increase morale and engagement. Many companies are now adding "volunteer days" to their PTO packages to encourage employees to give back without sacrificing time off. Other companies creative incentive by offering extra PTO days after a certain number of volunteer hours are logged.



Employees will feel more compelled to participate in workplace giving initiatives if they feel like they are really making a difference. Programs like matching gifts and dollars for doers are more rewarding due to the added contributions given by the company. A matching gifts program allows an employee's monetary donations to eligible nonprofit organizations to be matched by their employer. Many companies have a threshold for how much they will match. Some programs will also require a minimum dollar amount from an employee for their donation to be matched. For example, Company A may require a donation of at least $250 and no more than $1,000 to receive a matching gift. Alternatively, Company B may have no minimum requirement and have various levels of matching gifts thresholds based on employee level.

Dollars for Doers - also known as volunteer grant programs -  allow employees to earn monetary grants from their company for volunteer hours. Generally, an employee volunteers for a certain number of hours per year and they can receive a grant of up to $X, to go towards a non-profit organization of either the company or the employee's choosing. Some companies may structure the program on an hourly basis instead, allowing employees to earn a specific dollar amount for every hour they volunteer.



The last key to increasing participation in workplace giving (and perhaps the most obvious one) is to make sure your employees know what’s going on. Emails and newsletters should be distributed to employees on a regular basis to educate and remind them about all of their workplace giving options. Instruct supervisors to bring up giving initiatives in staff meetings and conference calls. Post flyers in break rooms and restrooms. The more communication, the better!


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