How to Crush Giving Tuesday 2021

Giving Tuesday is on November 30th this year! For corporations, Giving Tuesday is a huge opportunity to engage authentically in a national conversation about giving back. But the growth of the day has in turn made this more challenging—how do you stand out for your philanthropy on Giving Tuesday?

Guide to Giving Tuesday

How Do Corporations Stand Out on Giving Tuesday

With countless businesses participating in Giving Tuesday last year, it’s hard to stand out from the crowd. You may not be the largest company, or your community may not know you yet for charitable giving. Despite these challenges, there are ways to differentiate your company and gain attention on Giving Tuesday.

Leverage Live Video on Social Media

One of the most successful strategies to gain live coverage is live video. Facebook, among other social media companies, prioritizes live content above static posts. If you’re looking to build awareness on Giving Tuesday, a Facebook Live feed with your CEO or other high-level executive updating people on the campaign you’re running or an initiative can gain significant attention. Tease the event prior to going live to build interest over a few days, and have some kind of hook to draw people in—a special announcement, undisclosed celebrity guest, or something similar. If you really want to drive interest, include an interactive component such as an AMA (Ask Me Anything) portion to involve your viewers during the live-streaming event.

Engage Employees

Some of your best advocates to drive buzz are your employees! Incentive employees to share on social media through matching campaigns or other perks. Make sure employees know about the day and think of ways to generate excitement—even providing food the day of can be a great tangible reminder.

Start Early and Be Consistent

The best Giving Tuesday campaigns start weeks in advance. Remind people of the day a sit gets closer—you could even have a countdown on social media or in a central location at your facility. Hit on the key points of your strategy, whether that’s what organization you’ll be helping or how the day will work.

Boost Visibility for Your Nonprofit Partners

Many nonprofits struggle to get their message out. They are often under resourced, so anything you can do to amplify their voice for Giving Tuesday will go a long way! Share their social media posts, mention them in communications, or even have one of their team stop by to greet your staff. It will help them, fill your content calendar, and showcase your company values consistently. 

Have Fun and Be Interesting

The biggest mistake you can make, besides not doing a Giving Tuesday campaign, is to push out a stale and boring message. Find ways to be unique and have personality. A lighthearted theme can make your emotional appeals go even further. Encourage your employees to have fun with the day!

Guide to Giving Tuesday

How to Engage with Nonprofits

If you want to leverage you Giving Tuesday charitable efforts, strategic engagement with a nonprofit partner or partners is vital. Finding a focus for your program will keep your messaging clear, avoid confusion for your employees, and boost your results. 

Make Your Giving Concrete

One of the best ways to connect people to a charitable cause is to show the concrete impact of their donation. This can be the number of meals it provides, the number of students it allows in a program, or anything else—but finding a way to show the tangible result of your giving will go a long way to give it context and significance to your audience. 

Show The People, Not the Problem

People give to relieve suffering and help people or animals. As much as you can, feature the direct beneficiaries of your contributions. Show how your gift helps a specific person. That changes the story from an abstract idea to a meaningful connection, and will go a long way to boosting your message.

Keep It Simple

Distill your message to something that can be communicated in just a sentence or two. It can be as easy as this formula: state the problem, the way you’re helping to solve it, and the impact of that response. Try to get this down to one or two sentences—that will help you to capture people’s interest even in a short glance.

Reach Out Far in Advance

If you’re reaching out to a nonprofit partner the week before Giving Tuesday, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to pull off the planned and polished campaign that will drive results and interest. Being proactive will show your nonprofit partner how serious you are and will give you time to brainstorm effective ways to get your message out. 

Guide to Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday: A Great Opportunity to Brand Your Business

Joining the Giving Tuesday conversation will help show your organization’s commitment to your community, engage your employees, and produce meaningful content for your external communications. Planning out these efforts in advance will help you connect with local nonprofit partners for Giving Tuesday and illustrate why your corporation should participate in Giving Tuesday to management and other stakeholders.