How to Boost Remote Employee Engagement | Five Tips to Get Started

The change was swift, but remote and hybrid work is the new normal. Understanding how to best serve remote and hybrid employees is necessary for not only their individual success, but for the overarching success of your organization. 

However, despite the desperate need, many leaders have never been trained to manage tele-work teams. Our leaders are hungry for actionable strategies for remote employee engagement and retention. To get you started, we’ve put together five tips for engaging virtual teams:

Host a Virtual Company Event

Poorly planned digital events can be painfully awkward. From bad streaming connections to the uncomfortable, stilted sense of togetherness - it’s difficult to build true connection through a computer screen. Nevertheless, we all understand that remote work culture and virtual team building events need to be rooted in creating genuine, effortless communication. 

The key is to find virtual event opportunities that your team will actively participate in and genuinely enjoy. To start, we suggest creating a virtual event that includes a kit of activity supplies. Hands-on virtual events, such as charcuterie board classes, are guaranteed to have higher engagement compared to an educational webinar. The goal is to foster experiences that help your team share spontaneous moments of joy and community. 

Additionally, consistency will boost the effectiveness of your virtual team building efforts. While some organizations could benefit from weekly events, such as Virtual Coffee Breaks, we recommend planning an event once per quarter. This ensures that each event is worthwhile, high impact and novel. The last thing you want to do is waste valuable time, money and morale on an effective team building exercise. The purpose of these events is to make employees feel seen, empowered and supported; wasting someone’s time is a full-proof way to make them feel undervalued and unappreciated. 

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Embrace Digital Volunteering

Volunteering as a company can help your employees feel more connected to the positive impact they are having in the world. They’ll see the ways that their work benefits their community and feel more socially connected than before. Plus, when your employees are volunteering together, they’re sharing a unique experience that many of them won’t experience anywhere else. That kind of shared experience is a key part of building relationships and camaraderie among your team.

Regular volunteer opportunities have an even greater impact on employee engagement than a once a year volunteer day. Employees will enjoy the regular check-ins and the chance to make an impact more often. This avoids potential scheduling conflicts and allows your employees to build deeper relationships—with each other and with the nonprofit partners they are serving. Set up a regular chance for them to give back and see how your team morale and engagement improve.

If you need a little inspiration, we came up with 10 creative ways to volunteer digitally.

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When employees feel engaged with their workplace, they are happier and more productive!




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Virtual Success Requires Quality Communication Tools

When all your company communications move online, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and disorganized. Relying on email communications alone is a recipe for disengagement and frustration. Implementing frictionless communication tools is essential to remote team engagement.

The best collaboration tools for remote teams are build around the goal of facilitating easy communication. Leaders should look for tools that include advanced virtual and audio capabilities. Working with someone through a screen is difficult enough without the added frustration of poor streaming quality, bad audio connections, or lagging text messaging.

Consider adding group chat functionality to your communication strategy. Apps like Slack and Google Messages are great, affordable options that have the capability to dramatically reduce communication hesitancy and build team camaraderie. 

Implement an Appreciation Portal

Making it easy to praise coworkers for their hard work promotes behaviors that build culture and improve engagement and morale. Make it easy for your team to celebrate each other’s accomplishments! Create employee chat portals where the team can submit praise publicly. For example, create a channel on your company Slack exclusively for individual praise.  

Additionally, it can be helpful to incorporate employee appreciation into your marketing content. Share stories of those you’ve impacted, invite an employee of the nonprofit to come share, or send out a short informal video of your CEO thanking everyone. Numbers are important—they illustrate scale and significance—but stories are what will connect most deeply with your employees and help them connect the effort between their day-to-day efforts and the good your company is creating for the community. 

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Train Your Leaders on How to Manage Virtual Employees

As the years press on, the percentage of remote workers is slated to continually rise. For many leaders, it can be extremely difficult to make the jump from in-person management styles to remote teams. Nevertheless, mastering these new management techniques is paramount to your organization’s continued growth and success.

Training your company’s leadership to master remote coaching and feedback strategies can be fairly simple; many educational resources offer low-cost courses on leading at a distance. However, in practice, the process can be slightly more involved. Common challenges include streamlining cooperation, creating a communication cadence that engages team members, staying visibility remotely, balancing productivity with sustainable wellbeing, and a panoply of other issues. However, with adequate training and a keen listening ear, any manager can find their rhythm when managing virtual teams.


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