Exceed Your 2021 Fundraising Goals with a GivingTuesday Campaign

Exceed Your 2021 Fundraising Goals with a GivingTuesday Campaign

Join the #GivingTuesday movement on November 30, 2021!

What is GivingTuesday?

GivingTuesday is a global giving campaign designed to harness the charitable impact of individuals and organizations. Landing on the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving, this event is about coming together as a global community and sharing kindness in all forms. Nonprofits can leverage the positive energy of GivingTuesday to amplify their corporate social responsibility goals, build a larger giving audience, and generate momentum for a new year of giving.

GivingTuesday is among the few days of the year where people are actively looking to give a donation, share their time or lend their talent. Join the movement on November 30th, 2021!

How Can Organizations Participate in GivingTuesday?

All organizations, charities, and individuals are encouraged to join GivingTuesday; no registration is required. Most organizations choose to raise charitable funds on GivingTuesday, but we urge you to get inspired! After all, it’s called GivingTuesday not FundraisingTuesday. All forms of gratitude and giving are encouraged! 

How to Maximize Your GivingTuesday Campaign

  • Establish a goal and recruit a team 
  • Create timelines to organize your campaign
  • Track impact with data analytics 


Set a Goal, Choose a Theme & Assign Roles

A well selected goal and timely theme can shift the tone of your campaign from obligation to opportunity. Donors love engaging with giving campaigns that reflect the values and interests of their community. What kind of campaign would best suit your core audience? If you are unsure, use the DonationXchange email marketing tools to send a survey to your top donors. Find out what matters to your audience and craft a campaign to reflect the passions of your key contributors. The goal is to create a giving initiative that effortlessly inspires your team and your donors to take action.

Once your GivingTuesday goal and theme are established, it’s important to select a team to oversee the campaign. However, managing a new group of people with a wide variety of duties can quickly become overwhelming. Before a single dollar is raised, make sure your organization has an effective donation management system in place with team members assigned to each step of the donation cycle. For example, DonationXchange allows users to assign roles and permissions for individual charitable initiatives. 

Example Campaign Goals

Year End Donations

Donor Research

New Donors

Press / Exposure

Recurring Donations

Employee Engagement

Donor Engagement


Social Media Growth

Volunteer Recruitment

Event Promotion

Donation Items



Create Timelines to Organize your Campaign

Effective program management will keep your team on the same page and ensure that your campaign generates maximum impact. Aim to create an organized plan that builds anticipation and excitement around your event. 

The plan should be designed around your goals and brand so that all elements of your outreach reinforce each other. Start by establishing a marketing strategy that includes a mix of direct mail, email, social media, and/or website content updates. DonationXchange’s powerful marketing tools allow you to effortlessly create customizable, on-brand campaign content that you can programmatically distribute throughout the lifecycle of your campaign.

Track Your Impact with Data Analytics 

Donation tracking software can help you manage GivingTuesday donations, donation requests and showcase the impact of your campaign. By effectively tracking and processing donation data, you can maximize giving, reduce the workload on your team, shrink accounting costs and generate CSR marketing content for your organization. 

However, not all donation tracking systems are the same. Whether you are using low-tech  solutions (like managing data across multiple spreadsheets) or powerful CSR management software, the goal is to find a system that is adaptable to your needs. 

Most donation analytic solutions are locked behind paid subscription services, which can be a hurdle for newly founded organizations, or those with a small operational budgets. 

To access a powerful and FREE donation tracking tool, try DX Lite!

Launch Your Own Fundraiser for Giving Tuesday!

No matter how you’re planning on participating on Nov 30th, DonationXchange can help guide  you through the process of running a successful Giving Tuesday campaign. Easily create, track and exceed your year-end charitable goals with our all-in-one CSR management platform. 

Businesses choose DonationXchange to handle their community relations and donation process because our platform saves them hundreds of hours in phone calls and emails. With DonationXchange, you can track your impact on the community and generate year end contribution reports to showcase the effects of your CSR efforts. 

How DonationXchange Can Help:

  • Create & Track Fundraisers, Scholarships, Grants & More!
  • Manage & Grow Donor Base 
  • Process, Track, and Analyze Donation Requests
  • Manage Volunteer Opportunities
  • Supercharge Employee Engagement
  • Champion the Causes that Matter to YOU!


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