5 Employee Engagement Tips for 2022

5 Employee Engagement Tips for 2022


As you probably know, employee engagement is the cornerstone to your organization’s continued growth. However, building employee engagement is not a simple endeavor. Not to mention, your team may be dealing with an unprecedented amount of uncertainty and change brought on by the pandemic. So, what can you do to support and engage your employees in 2022?



Establish Engagement Metrics

High performing organizations start with engaged employees. But how can you measure employee engagement and ensure continued success? Establish metrics that allow your organization to track and bolster employee engagement.


With DonationXchange, it’s easy to create employee engagement surveys for your team. Select from our library of survey questions, or customize the form to meet your specific needs. Regardless of how your survey seeks to measure engagement, it’s important to establish baseline metrics and continue ongoing reporting. Not only will this bring you closer to your team and their workplace mindset, you will have historical data to illustrate the engagement impact of your employee giving and volunteer programs. Proving that employee engagement is correlated with your organization’s CSR initiatives can make it easier for management teams to invest in more robust charitable giving programs. 



Listen to Your Team

Create a survey to explore the reasons why your employees believe in your organization and how you could improve their ability to affect greater change through their daily work. The key is to develop a strategy for ongoing listening, along with efficient workflows that can be implemented every time an actionable suggestion is submitted.


One word of caution: do not ignore your team’s suggestions. It is paramount to acknowledge each employee's submission, even if it is not actionable. When you ignore employee input, it can have a significantly negative effect, leading to team dissatisfaction and disengagement. 



Create Easy Methods of Appreciation 

Making it easy to praise co-workers for their hard work promotes behaviors that build culture and improve engagement and morale. Make it easy for your team to celebrate each other! Create employee chat portals where the team can submit praise publicly. For example, create a channel on your company Slack exclusively for individual praise.  


Additionally, it can be helpful to incorporate employee appreciation into your marketing content. Share stories of those you’ve impacted, invite an employee of the nonprofit to come share, or send out a short informal video of your CEO thanking everyone. Numbers are important—they illustrate scale and significance—but stories are what will connect most deeply with your employees and help them connect the effort between their day-to-day efforts and the good your company is creating for the community. 



Start a CSR Reward Program
Have your employees become disinterested in your organization's charitable initiatives? Adding rewards to employee engagement efforts can be a game changer! Consider integrating goal-based prizes and incentives into your current employee giving and volunteer programs. 


With these types of reward programs, employees are rewarded with a gift each time they complete a volunteer or donation goal. Through these gifts, employees are able to have fun while giving back to their community. At DonationXchange, we consider this a Win-Win-Win! Your company gets a more engaged workforce (win!), your employees get prizes for giving back (win!), and organizations get extra help they may not have had otherwise (win!). 


Knowing that the incentive came from their employer can be a huge contributor to employment engagement and satisfaction.





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Don’t Forget to Say Thank You 


No matter the industry or job setting,,  it is important to praise individuals who continue to utilize their valuable time and expertise to further the goals of your organization. They need to know how much they are appreciated, even if it’s just a quick text or automated email.


For example, send  a postcard to say thanks, or even try using a social post to showcase their recognition publicly. Remember to highlight their achievements and earnestly share your appreciation for their efforts. If done with sincerity, these small acts of appreciation will go much further than you ever imagined - especially in terms of employee loyalty. 






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Explore DonationXchange's Employee Engagement Tools HERE.


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