3 Ways to Track the Impact of your CSR Programs

CSR programs have been a hot topic lately, with many businesses, both small and large, adopting one or more giving initiatives in order to reap the many benefits of being a socially responsible company. CSR has been a popular practice for years, but there is one question that is still difficult to answer --  How do we effectively track the impact of corporate social responsibility programs? How do companies measure the effectiveness of their giving in order to share their successes with their employees, investors, and customers? The truth is, tracking methods will vary from company to company and will depend on the specific goals of each program. However, if you're not sure where to start, we have outlined 3 basic ways to track the impact of your CSR programs below. 


1. Be strategic in your partnerships

If possible, choose to partner with organizations who are already tracking the results of their efforts and can provide the data needed for you to assess the impact of your contributions. The data you'll need will vary for each corporate giving program but in almost every case you will want to try to collect both quantitative and qualitative data from the organizations you are working with. Not all non-profits have a system set up to track impact for each of their donors so it is sometimes difficult to gather data specific to your charitable efforts. It is best to work with the organization ahead of time to determine what impact data will be needed during the program and after the program is completed. 


2. Survey your employees

Gaining feedback from your employees will enable you to evaluate the effectiveness of your CSR programs in terms of employee satisfaction and engagement. Creating an annual survey on employee giving programs is a good place to start, however, asking for feedback on a more regular basis, while experiences are still fresh in employees minds, will yield better results.


3. Choose your technology wisely

Online solutions that can facilitate the tracking process are key to compiling data for impact reports. Ideally, you'd want to use a platform like DonationXchange that manages all of your giving initiatives in once place so you can track, compare, and administer programs more easily. 


To learn more about impact tracking with the DonationXchange philanthropy platform, visit our site and request a Free Demo.